Uncompromised Space

Living With Us

After you move into your PURE RESi apartment, you’ll soon appreciate the benefits of having a professional landlord who puts quality of service at the forefront. Our mission is to make our investment your home.

Designed For You

Before you choose your apartment, you can rest assured that our team have already put modern efficient living at the forefront of their design.

From integrated appliances to the latest in heating and ventilation systems, your new home will not only be designed for living but it will be energy efficient too.

With neutral colours our apartments will become your blank canvass, to turn into your home.

For Your Lifestyle

Locations have been carefully selected to offer the very best transport links and access to local shopping and recreational destinations.

Most of our apartments are just a walk from main line stations and other essential transport hubs, as well as a short drive from the motorway network.

Where possible, our apartments are pre-wired for superfast broadband and we are always looking to keep our properties up to date with the latest in available technology.

Living With Us

Communication is key to a good Landlord & Tenant relationship. That’s why we have a useful Tenants App, which can be an invaluable source of information and allow problems to be reported effortlessly.

A dedicated in-house management team are on hand to deal with issues which may arise. We understand that in the real world things can go wrong, so we pride ourselves on customer service and dealing with matters quickly and efficiently.

Renting From A Professional Landlord

We have been developing and letting our homes for over 25 years, so we appreciate what people want & need. That’s why most of our residents choose to renew their tenancies and have stayed for many years.

Tenancies of up to 3 years are available so that you can plan your future. We understand the importance settling into a home for the long term and maintaining that home to the highest standard.